Thursday, 16 March 2017

A Few Black Hole Marsh Birds

There have been great views of goldcrests the last few weeks on Black Hole Marsh and they have probably become the most photographed goldcrests ever.

plus a small group of 3 long tailed tits passing through regularly

A blackbird that appears to have no voice

and a somewhat over looked bird the dunnock. 

The avocet remains on Black Hole Marsh along with the long staying grey plover

Friday, 3 March 2017

Short Eared Owls And Eider

It was a beautiful day yesterday for a trip to Portland and well worth the effort.   There were at least 3 short eared owls and after passing close by one appeared to come back for a closer look at me.   What a magnificent creature and wonderful to see so close.


The little owl was in its usual place

Back in the harbour one of the eiders put in a close appearance

and there were dozens of red breasted mergansers.

Didn't find any divers or the black necked grebes but after hours of owl watching it didn't really matter.  Finally the view of Weymouth and Chesil from Portland.