Monday, 10 September 2012

The last few days on the Axe Estuary Wetlands

Predictably the little stint has still dominated.  Here it is pouncing on flies! 

A trip to the Borrow Pit produced only these migrant hawkers

Back to Black hole marsh and could not resist this ring plover asking for its photo to be taken

And yet again the little stint

This lapwing took quite a dislike to this redshank

And look who just managed to get into the middle of this one

Little stint, dunlin and ring plovers

A quick fly past of dunlin

Glad to see some little grebes back here this week

A superb ring plover

A black tailed godwit a bit closer to the island hide than usual

A poor picture of a snipe into the sun this morning

Finally there was a feeding frenzy of hundreds of back headed gulls plus 22 litte egrets over the back of black hole marsh this morning all catching plenty of small fish

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