Thursday, 28 March 2013

What a difference the sun makes

I've watched the poor chiffchaffs struggling to find food all week both on the marshes and in my garden but at last this morning there was a bit of sun and some seemed able to catch a few flies.

Quite a few  stonechats about including this female on Colyford Common this morning

A very pale pipit on Seaton marshes

A wheatear on Beer head yesterday afternoon

and a female black redstart on Seaton Marsh on monday

A pair of pintails have been present on the scrape at Seaton marshes since monday though the male would not pose out in the open for photos

One of the many little ring plovers present on the Axe estuary wetlands at the moment

Todays highlights were an osprey and a male marsh harrier.  What follows are some poor quality distant photos of the marsh harrier but a couple clearly show green tags on its wings 

And finally photos of a a sandwich turn on the river on tuesday


  1. Hi Sue. Your pipit looks good for a Tree Pipit to me. Relatively short, curved hind claw; noticeably fine flank streaks compared to breast streaks (though they are often finer still); quite hefty, predominantly pink (rather than yellow/orange) bill; hint of Olive-backed Pipit type pale and dark blob to rear of ear coverts; and the overall clean, pale look helps too.

    I'd be interested to hear what others think, but I'll eat my red hat if I'm wrong! ;o)

  2. Hi Sue
    We met whilst watching the harriers on Thursday
    The green tags may indicate that the bird may be a part of a project started in Norfolk
    Take a look at the Hawk and owl trust website
    I posted the sighting on their survey and directed the to your photos

    Good luck