Friday, 25 October 2013

A bold fox, a merlin and more life on the Axe

A few photos from this week all taken on Black Hole Marsh.  I missed Steves sabines gull and also the arctic tern but I did manage todays merlin all be it rather distant.  Most of these that follow are some of our common residents starting with a posing kestrel.

and the distant poor shot of the merlin just before it flew upstream

and Tim looking for it!

A great tit with a tasty meal

and one of our kingfishers

also with a meal

a blue tit

and a greenfinch

and a pied wagtail

Earlier this week a fox came running boldly up the estuary from Coronation Corner and disappeared into the readbeds further upstream

 A pair of stomechats have been a regular sight on the way to the tower hide the last few days

 and a few med gulls can be found on the river most of the time

and finally a common view of the kingfisher as it flashes by.

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  1. Haha that shot makes me look a lot closer to the Merlin than I was! Nice flight shot Sue. The little sod was out of view behind some of the sticks! Frustrating! Hopefully it'll stay for a day or two whilst it's rough weather...