Sunday, 12 April 2015

The last Week

Well after the excitement of the pendulines and the ospreys fishing on their way
through things seem to have quietened down a bit on the Wetlands this week.  There are still plenty of black tailed godwits which is always nice

and plenty of the usual cormorants

A few grey wagtails have been present on BHM

though one morning there was little visible on the marsh apart from a few moorhens

Quite a few pied wagtails have been passing through

and a trip to the heronry on rather a dull time of day didn't really produce much of excitement 

Our oyster catchers have been very vocal of late and appear to be choosing their island 

A ring plover on the river

and a little ring plover on BHM earlier this week

Another obliging black tailed godwit I couldn't resist

plus one of our shell ducks near the platform. 

One of my favourite little birds is the house sparrow.  They always seem so cheerful and playful when I watch them.  There used to be a lot close by me but each time a house is sold the new owners seem to rip any tree and shrubs out and replace it with low maintenance gravel areas.  Such a shame.

Another pair of godwits but this time changing into breeding plumage

and another oyster catcher on BHM

and finally something different.  A very quiet but beautiful Black Hole Marsh

and a very quiet but beautiful river

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