Thursday, 25 August 2016

So Many Wheatears

There were plenty of good birds to be seen today (well yesterday now) starting with Seaton Marshes.  On the way down to the hide were the usual linnets and goldfinches along with some young pied wagtails,  several wheatear and a whinchat.  There was nothing much from the hide itself but on the way back there where too many wheatears to count.  They were in the grass, all along the posts and flying over.  The whinchat didn't show again unfortunately but there were a few yellow wagtails with the cows, though they were never particularly close and difficult to pick out in the long grass.

Round the Borrow pit and there were 2 bright yellow willow warblers, a greater spotted woodpecker and a large flock of long tailed tits 

The swan family still seem to be doing well.

Over on Black Hole Marsh there were plenty of swallows

The little stint remains faithful to its small area of mud and as the waters start to fall slightly this afternoon a wood sandpiper has reappeared and the ruff was showing well for a short while.

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