Monday, 13 February 2017

Waxwings, Cattle Egrets And More.

Due to knee problems and having been unable to get out for a bit I was delighted when I was offered a lift to see the A38 waxwings.  Unfortunately it was very overcast for photos but it was great to get to see them.   

Having tried many times to see the Colyton cattle egrets without success a friend took me up to the private Colcombe Road where we had permission to park in the driveway of one of the bungalows from where they were regularly showing well.   By this time there were 4 though they were never close enough to get all 4 in the same frame.

I had more luck with this yellow browed warbler at Topshm rec than I've had with any of our local patch ones.

I'm beginning to get out a bit more again now so here are a few more photos of some of our more common species

This shag was on Exmouth sea front last week

There were at least 2 goldcrests on BHM this afternoon

A little egret on the river that never did manage to get this meal down.

And lastly a bunny

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