Sunday, 28 April 2013

Too large a fish and a different goose

Not much about yesterday afternoon on the river except this cormorant which took on a bit too much with this fish and despite a brief struggle was unable to hold on to it.  Not sure how it would have swallowed it!

On Black hole marsh this morning was this egyptian goose

Shame about the post

This last week has seen the arrival of quite a few sedge warblers in full voice on Black hole marsh

An innocent mallard and her ducklings were persistantly being attacked by 2 aggressive shellducks on Black hole marsh early this morning

Also this week have seen some nice male reed buntings.  This one was with a female 

Back to yesterday and there were 2 dunlin on black hole marsh in the afternoon but not much else apart from the usual black tailed godwits

And finally some very poor pictures of a lesser whitethroat near Bridge marsh.  Thanks to Phil for finding it.

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