Monday, 17 August 2015

After the baird's

After the excitement of the baird's life on Black Hole Marsh still continues with some wonderful birdlife.  The mud is perfect at the moment and there were at least 7 ruffs present on the marshes and at least 2 wood sandpipers on Black Hole marsh.  The usual dunlin and ring plovers have been present, along with green and common sandpipers and what follows are a few of the birds that have been present over the last 2 days.

A wood sandpiper in the early evening light.

One of the ruffs near the island hide

and a young oyster catcher flying in to join 14 other oyster catchers on the marsh at high tide.  It still has not quite got those stunning coloured red eyes.

A beautiful sedge first seen by Tim Wright in the reeds just in front of the island hide

and one of quite a few lapwing

A water rail in a hurry across from the Tower hide

and a herring gull with lunch

 Finally a couple of ring plover pictures.  Always nice.

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