Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Quality birds continue with a little stint excitement

Well.  A third post in nearly as many days!  Must be a record for me.  Yesterday was an open day over the Seaton Marshes wetlands which appeared well attended and much appreciated by all.  May have been helped with the bacon butties and barbecue of course.  I think we should all give a big thank you to all the volunteers that work so hard behind the scenes on the reserve.  Many of whom give up a fair bit of time and effort to do so.  

Anyway, the afternoon caused some interest when a little stint was thought to possibly be another rarity on patch, but eventually with the appearance of Dave and Roger from Chard and finally from our Phil after work it was confirmed between them as a little stint.  Still a nice little bird to have on patch.  I was sent a picture last night of a sparrowhawk taking one of the little waders from the group containing the little stint so hopefully it wasn't the one taken.

With the water levels now perfect the waders have continued to show well from most areas.  The weather was beautiful yesterday and there were up to 7 ruffs and at least 5 wood sandpipers still present.

The ruffs were coming particularly close.

This time of year my post can never be complete without  a dunlin or two.

Even our wonderful black tailed godwits were coming in close as they are usually further over at the back of the marsh.

Finally some rather distant photos of yesterdays little stint that caused such interest.  It never came particularly close while I was there so these are the best I could manage.

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