Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Wood sands everywhere followed by curlew sands

Sunday morning Ian M and Phil counted 27 wood sandpipers.  Following a text from Ian M I popped over to BHM late morning in the rain (having first queried the 27 foolishly thinking that Ian must have pushed a wrong key - I should have known better).  There were wood sandpipers dotted around everywhere you looked.  Absolutely wonderful to see.  After a quick look I went home for lunch before returning by which time the weather was much improved.  By the evening I heard that the 27 had become 33/34!  It was great for photos as many were so close to the island hide as you see.  Some taken here are posing together with some of our other passing waders.

The little stint has been present for a few days now and has been much photographed

Being given a peck from a passing dunlin

This was following another peck this time from the passing ring plover

This lapwing was asking to be photographed flying round the hide

A passing greenshank also present for the last few days

and 2 swimmers 

and lastly monday afternoon and another message from Ian M 2 curlew sands on BHM.  Not the best quality photos I'm afraid but they were lovely birds.

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