Monday 25 February 2013

Golden plovers, Water rail and Barwit

200 plus golden plovers near Bridge marsh made a short trip out early this morning well worth it.
Great to see them back again.

A pair of water rails were showing well on Seaton marshes though they would not oblidge  by standing close to each other for a photo

Not a lot in front of the hide apart from this bar tailed godwit and plenty of ducks.
Too cold to stay for long!

Wednesday 20 February 2013

BGM American Wigeon

Yesterday I headed off to Bowling Green Marsh for a change hoping too see the american wigeon.   Not only was I lucky enough to see it but a few of us had wonderful close views as it crossed from right to left in the field left of the platform.  Although I don't usually do off patch postings I thought this would make a change as it came close enough for me to get some reasonable photos.


Monday 18 February 2013


Thanks to Ian M. for finding this mornings female goldeneye.  It favoured the further side of the river but gave good views nevertheless.  Here it is with one of many fish it caught.

and a  few in flight photos

Sunday 10 February 2013

Squabbling friends and bullfinches

Not been out much of late but on thursday morning with a bit of sunshine I ventured down to Seaton Marshes.  Not much on the river or outside the hide but these 2 pheasants entertained by squabbling one minute and being best mates the next.


These 2 adoring swans were alone on the Borrow pit apart from the kingfisher

Mute swans
And then along came the fox


For the last couple of weeks there have been a pair of bullfinches but this time there were 2 stunning males near the sewage works


Plus the usual gold crest flitting about


Though this one was close to the hide

Common sandpiper

Little egret