Saturday 21 May 2016

Dippers and Bitterns

I was absolutely delighted to be able to see some dippers with a pair of young last weekend.   The youngsters were fairly easy to photograph unlike the adults.

This young robin has been on Seaton Marshes this week

A trip to Ham Wall for Hobbies this week was unsuccessful as they were all so high up we couldn't  find them without binoculars even though there were plenty of them.   The bitterns made up for this however as they were showing very well that morning.

And finally this young heron was still on the nest exercising its wings getting ready to leave.

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Short Eared Owl

I was unable to get to see yesterdays short eared owl until late afternoon by which time it was always distant for my camera and only flying briefly a few times while I was there.  As I already have some very nice short eared owl pictures in my collection I was not too concerned and just pleased to have been able to see it.   Late afternoon today I returned primarily hoping for the summer plumaged knot which unfortunately had just moved down river before I got to the tower hide.  The short eared owl was still present though distant to begin with on a far post.  This time it was a bit more active and I was lucky enough to get a few much closer views than yesterday.

A bit too close on this occasion

Taken through the branches of a tree 

Finally just a few more of the Musbury hoopoe before it moved on

Saturday 7 May 2016

Caught off guard

Most people know I'm rather obsessed with kites but am never that successful at seeing them unless up high.  Well today that changed as a red kite suddenly flew low over some trees close by carrying what looked like a rat (or possibly just half) and being harassed by crows.   Unfortunately the light was poor in its direction; I wasn't prepared for it and it came a bit too close for me to get in some of the frames as you can see.  It was gone as quickly as it appeared and soon disappeared over the top of the next line of trees.  It made my evening though I have to say.  Maybe next time I'll get the blue sky to go with it.

 These red legged partridges are what I was photographing when the kite flew over

There have been quite a few wheatears passing through recently.

A few meadow pipits

And lastly this is Phils garden warbler.  Best I could manage as it was never going to keep still