Friday 29 April 2016

My First Patch Hoopoe

Having heard about the local hoopoe last evening I was so pleased that it chose to stay around as firstly,  I've only ever seen one very distantly and secondly, I was unable to get out to see it until lunchtime today.    I'm grateful to our intrepid local birders who spent time this morning relocating it and as you can see it was well worth it.   Needless to say I took quite a few photos some of which follow.

Monday 18 April 2016

Montagu's and Kite

Well, such an exciting day!  A montagu's  and a red kite all at once! I didn't know which one to watch.  Well I did really and the harrier won of course.  I started the day off badly through nobodies fault but my own. I waited for just over an hour from 8ish with Tim White (who had been there since 5.30am!), but boredom got the better of me and I cycled off down to Seaton Marshes not knowing if it was still present or not.  Luckily Tim was more persistent and text me that it was up.  Its a long way from Seaton Marshes to Colyford Common under those circumstances believe me.  Anyway I got back there to find it had gone down in the reeds again.  At least it was still here.  More persistence this time and after about an hour and 20 minutes up it came.   A great show followed with the highlight being the red kite mobbing the harrier.

The squabble with the red kite was nearer to the people gathered on the Axmouth road than us but we still had great views all the same

Eventually the harrier moved away and we lost sight of it but it was seen to go up and off by others.

Finally the last sighting of the kite as it went up and eastwards over the hills.  Thanks to Tim for his help and don't forget to look at his 'Colyton Wildlife' blog which will show much closer photos than mine from his big canon lens.   Hopefully Steve on his 'Axe Birding" blog will post some great videos that he took.  Both are listed on the right hand side of my blog.