Thursday 19 June 2014

Kestrels fledge, another oystercatcher family and a grey plover

The 5 young kestrels fledged over a couple of days earlier this week which was wonderful to see.   Here is one taking a few tentative steps into the outside world.

and another considering it

The following day 3 of them were sitting in a tree stretching their wings and practicing their balance.  A fourth one was flying around and had to be rescued from some crows by the adult male and one was still to fledge though it had gone by the next day.
(Such beautiful birds these so no apologies for all these photos from the last week.)

Yesterday our second sitting oystercatcher now had 3 chicks.   Rather worryingly this adult seemed to be doing all the feeding and left the young alone and exposed while doing so

Meanwhile the 2 chicks in the first family growing fast and being fed well

Finally a grey plover on the estuary was nice thanks to Ian M.

Friday 13 June 2014

Chicks at last

A pair of oyster catchers on Black Hole Marsh have produced 2 chicks again this year.  Here they are 2 days ago

 A few recent barn owl photos though it was rather dark

plus this lovely trio on my garage roof

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Another Black Hole Marsh Update - Quality birds

Seem to be forever late with my updates these days.   Will try to be more regular again with my postings for those of you that keep asking.  It's nice to know you are still interested.  Since the last posting I have been out and about with my camera quite a few times and here are some of the results.
This LRP was rather nice earlier last week.  A beauty of a bird this one.

There have been quite a few reed warblers around and some have been showing very well indeed

and my favourite bird is still being a good Mum

The swans on Black Hole Marsh now have 4 cygnets.

A tawny owl sleeps the day away

 and a barn owl carrying prey

and finally my garden had a family of 4 blue tit youngsters with an adult this week

though this one was not quite so independent as the rest

Oh dear!