Sunday 30 March 2014

Patience rewarded - 1 Osprey!

 I was just about to give up today and go home for tea when suddenly everything flew.  My hopes were high and sure enough within 2 minutes there was this unringed beauty hovering up the river from the tower hide. I do love an osprey and can't believe that on a Sunday afternoon there was no one else there to see it!

Even one of the oyster catchers had a go at it

and as an after thought here is  the iceland gull (though a bit distant) from 2 days ago

Thursday 27 March 2014

Just waiting patiently

Have finally got around to posting some new photos as many of you have been asking for some.  I had been waiting for something a bit different but what with the weather and the lack of anything new this was not to be.   So far I've missed most things of interest this year including yesterdays brief visit by a spoonbill but hopefully that is about to change over the next few weeks.  These photos were taken in the last few weeks and mostly from Black Hole Marsh apart from this sparrowhawk which was in front of Seaton Marsh hide

and one of 2 shovelers on Seaton Marshes

This pair of  oyster catchers were flying up and down the river last week

and these wigeon were taken from the tower hide

while this gadwall has been present on Seaton marshes for a week or so

This heron held this pose for sometime!

One of the few teal still on Black hole marsh

and a little egret on its sixth fish of the afternoon

and another meal! 

and finally these 2 beautiful med gulls were on the estuary last week entertaining us with their displaying, flying and constant calling to each other.

Thursday 6 March 2014

Bearded tits, marsh harriers and spoonbills

Thought it about time I posted some new photos though they are taken off patch.  Have not been able to get out too much lately though did manage to have some excellent views saturday lunch time of the stunning male bearded tit that the ringers had caught earlier that morning.  Unfortunately it was not easy to photograph and was soon frightened off by some toddlers never to be seen again.  
On Wednesday I decided to try my luck for bearded tits at Radipole and despite never seeing them there before I was stunned to be spoilt for views - the best being from the walkway to the North hide.

There was not a great deal else on view apart from 2 beautiful marsh harriers

and over at Lodmoor were 4 distant spoonbills (though one did manage a fly pass) plus another pair of bearded tits!