Saturday 17 May 2014

My swallows are back and BHM news.

Am pleased to say that my swallows have returned.  Strictly speaking of course they are not actually mine, but they do spend much of their time flying around my garden.  They raised at least 3 young last year and gave me a great deal of enjoyment.  However, today an imposter has appeared and so 2 of them have spent most of today chasing each other while the other looks on.

The following photos are taken from a TV screen so not the best of quality but great to see anyway.

when she left the box there were 4 chicks to be seen

being fed

plus a few more mouths being fed

On Black Hole Marsh a pair of moorhens have been feeding their 3 young

There are 2 mallard families, one of which did have 13 ducklings

and some proud canada geese showing off 7 goslings and another pair with 3

Some sedge warblers are singing and displaying well

and this reed warbler was caught by the ringers this morning

Our oyster catchers still make good subjects for photos

and a reed bunting posed nicely by the path to the tower hide

Finally earlier this week the marsh harrier was hunting opposite the tower hide