Wednesday 11 February 2015

A Trip To Stover

Last week we took a trip to Stover on a sunny, cold and frosty morning with my main object being, (yet again) to try and photograph some male goosanders should they be there.   Needless to say (yet again) they weren't.  In fact there was very little on the lake apart from black headed gulls and a few mallards and coot.  The reason being it was mostly frozen but I had not thought of that before we left.  However it turned out to be a beautiful day and despite the north wind we were quite sheltered amongst the trees. As a result there were the usual stunning close views of the many woodland birds that are present there giving many photo opportunities.  We sat for quite some time just watching them continually coming and going really close by.  It really was a wonderful day out.  Needless to say I ended up with plenty of photos again taken with my little V2.

There were plenty of nuthatch to be seen everywhere as you would expect.

Plenty of Great Tits

and there were 2 pairs of mandarins on one of the unfrozen pools

Rather a lot of these

Plenty of Blue Tits

Coal Tits 

A few Blackbirds


And Robins

and then there was this beautiful little Marsh Tit

 and finally an unusual opportunity with a group of Long Tailed Tits