Tuesday 14 January 2014


A nice surprise this afternoon was a firecrest amongst the long tailed tit flock travelling up the tramline and around the tower hide.  It was very mobile so had to be fast with the camera!

Sunday 12 January 2014

An update at last

At long last I have got around to updating my blog.  I apologise to those of you that  have been mentioning the long gap since the last posting.  Not that there has been a great deal around and certainly nothing different but there have been plenty of our loyal regulars so here are a few photos from around the Axe.
The kingfishers have been fairly visible lately although a bit less predictable than usual as to where and when they might appear

2 little grebes have spent a lot of time squabbling in front of Seaton marshes hide

and this cormorant caught a nice meal.

Around by the field study centre there have been the usual blue tits etc plus several goldfinches

a grey wagtail

and a pair of bullfinches.

Back on Seaton marshes earlier this week 3 snipe put in a very brief appearance

this curlew and redshank seemed inseparable whilst I was there

and this little grebe had caught something long and slimy.

This curlew was having a sedate wash

compared to the violent washing of this bar tailed godwit

and finally this onlooking oyster catcher just calmly watched it all