Friday 6 November 2015

Glossy ibis and Kestrel.

Its been some while since the last post and these glossy ibis seem like old news now as they have been present for a few weeks now.    Moving regularly between Seaton Marshes and Black Hole Marsh these photos were taken when they were close by the sewage works near the footpath.  They are certainly finding plenty to eat and in fact I've never seen them not eating totally ignoring people on the footpath as you can see.  I've had photos of them for quite a while but have been a bit busy of late and so have neglected my blog.  I have been asked to put them on my blog several times including today so thought I better keep my promise and do so.


Last week one of our resident kestrels entertained us by catching  and eating dragon flies

Carrying dragon fly catch

This magpie wanted rid of the kestrel and would not leave it in peace

 And finally a beautiful posing wren from the Tower Hide.