Tuesday 4 December 2012

A med plus the best around

Not many photos lately due to rather a lot of poor weather and light!
However this med gull was nice to see a couple of times over the last few days

Here it is with a couple of mates.  Sun was in the wrong direction but great to see after the last few weeks

At one stage had to resort to crow photos!

And then of course there is always one of our regulars around (usually in poor light).

Next a very distant, poor photo of some snipe out in the sun early saturday morning up towards Colyford Common.  There were 30 in total.

A buzzard having a hard time

One of many lapwing having a bath

together with a crow 

2 squabbling redshanks

A few black tailed godwits heading for Colyford Common from the river.


And finally a very windy day!

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