Sunday 15 December 2013

Water Rails

Lots of water rails can regularly be heard around the Axe wetlands.  Not always easy to see but this one chose to swim cautiously by me on Black Hole Marsh

and this one (a much poorer picture) was having a wash in a ditch on Seaton marshes and remained fairly well hidden

These photos are not particularly good due to such poor light but are worth showing you for the size of this fish. There was no way this kingfisher was going to manage to swallow it

She just about managed to fly up out of the water with it and tried to finish it off 

But eventually having tried to swallow it a few times gave up and dropped it once she was attacked by 3 black headed gulls tempted by the fish.

That's better.  A much more appropriate size for such a small creature

Have not seen much else this week so a few more recent kingfisher pictures


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