Monday 28 July 2014

Grebes, dartfords and around the Axe

Having been very busy of late and then like many too hot I am now playing catch up with just about everything.  For those of you that have been asking I am sorry it has taken so long since the last update and will try and update more often.  I have many barn owl pictures which I will post shortly as I am still sorting them (not wanting to delete any of them so it is taking some time!)

Anyway the following are a bit of a mixture as you will see.  At Chard the great crested grebes have been doing really well this year and have been giving some wonderful views showing off their chicks.

Several families of dartfords have been showing quite well on Aylesbeare

I have seen this grass snake swim across the back of Black Hole Marsh near the tower hide several times lately

This young great crested grebe was present on the river last week for 4 or 5 days

and there have been a few little ring plovers around

There have been plenty of young shellducks getting bigger all the time

and my neighbouring swallows had 5 young fledge successfully.

One of the many kingfishers around

3 tufted ducks on the estuary at the end of last week

along with this late brood on the river.  She still had 7 the next day!

There are currently plenty of common sandpipers present

some  of my favourite little dunlins

and the wood sandpiper is still present on Black Hole Marsh

and  finally some beautiful resting black tailed godwits

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