Wednesday 20 August 2014

Osprey, mackerel fishers and BHM

I'll start with the best pictures taken today from Black Hole Marsh which show just a few of its inhabitants and when I finally managed an improved photo of the ruff.
one of several green sandpiper

and the 2 greenshanks

Some dunlin 

and a snipe with a common sandpiper

There were plenty of lapwing several close to the island hide

and the usual black tailed godwits though this one was a bit wind swept.

Gold finches close to the island hide.

Now I move on to the not so good photos as the birds were all rather distant for my camera.  The last few days with all the mackerel about in the sea there has been quite a bit of activity.  Cormorants have been trying their luck though sometimes the fish have proved a bit too large.

Crows have been grabbing the whitebait

and the gulls have been trying their luck too.

and finally suddenly with no warning from the gulls the osprey was on the river, dived, caught a fish and headed up and off over the main road in the direction of Axminster again all in a matter of seconds.   As you can see it was rather distant but clearly visible and yet another great moment to see.

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