Sunday 8 March 2015

Such A Great Variety To Choose From

We are so lucky to live here with such a vast variety of birdlife to choose from to go and watch without travelling too far.  Apologies for not posting sooner but there is quite a lot here to make up for it.  Locally  the short eared owl has probably been of the most interest  though I have to say I was a bit slow in getting to see it.  When I did it was well worth it.  I've been down to Seaton Hole a few times where a Black Redstart is still present together with 2 grey wagtails and a rock pipit.  The fulmars are very active which is nice to see.

Back on Black Hole Marsh (which I have to admit to neglecting rather a lot lately) this snipe was showing well in front of the study centre.

Now this may seem relatively easy but for many years I have had no luck in seeing, let alone  photographing, a  male goosander.  I have seen plenty of females and youngsters but have never had a close view of a male despite several trips attempts to do so in the past.  Well, finally I got to see 3 males at Stover just over a week ago and took quite a few photos!  A stunning bird.

A last trip on the Exe before the Avocets departed gave spectacular views though I believe there are now very few left.

A golden eye on the Exe

and something completely different - some Devon Cirl Buntings

As I said earlier I was  a bit slow in getting to see the short eared owl but thanks to encouragement to get up there from Ian W and in particular Tim Wright (for which I'm truly grateful) it gave wonderful views whilst hunting.  There was even a seat to sit on though it did not take to long to appear.

 And finally a trip to Darts Farm last week and the penduline tits were showing well when I got there yet again .   Have been very lucky with them as they always seem to be there as I arrive and are still there when I leave.  No doubt they will be gone soon so here are a few more photos before they depart.  They have certainly attracted a lot of people.

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