Wednesday 7 October 2015

Kingfisher and razorbill

I have taken many photos since the last posting but today am just going to focus on one local stunner and something quite rarely seen on our river.  Our local kingfisher was lucky enough to find a spot on the river with plenty of fish awaiting him.   I was even luckier to have been right opposite.  A quick hover, one dive and off with the fish over the marshes.  It all happened quite quickly but he caught many fish this way in just a few hours.  Wonderful to see it being so successful.

I thought I'd missed the razorbill that had been seen on the river on a few occasions last week but a few days later it suddenly came up right in front of the tower hide.   It swam along for about 10 yards in front of us and then dived and wasn't seen again.  

A few more kingfisher pictures.

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