Sunday 28 August 2016

Another good few days

I'm so lucky to live across the road from such a wonderful area of wetlands although I didn't feel quite so lucky this morning when I got soaking wet in the rain.  Despite that there was plenty to see with the 2 little stints still being present, along with the ruff and the knot.  This afternoon Tim Wright found a turnstone so gave me a good excuse to return.  Not that I need much excuse.
Here are 3 favourites on Black Hole Marsh this afternoon.  A little ring plover and a little stint being dwarfed by a black tailed godwit.

The turnstone deserved a photo though its not particularly good

and the ruff spent a lot of time this morning in the company of 2 redshanks

Yesterday there was a lone greenshank on the Colyford Common scrape and 2 days ago on Seaton Marshes there were plenty of goldfinches along the path

Plenty of yellow wagtails

and this rather tame reed bunting on the footpath

The egrets have been squabbling regularly on the river

and here is a better picture of one of our magnificent black tailed godwits

And finally I have to say its great to see Steve (Axe Birding) having more time to get out and about and blogging again, and yes Steve your posts on gull id are interesting but they still either ALL look  different or all the same.  To me anyway.

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  1. Hi Sue. Thanks so much for the kind words - it is so good to have time again to get out and about, and then blog about it. Am really going to make an effort with the blog for the rest of the year and I hope it pays off! Your nice comments aside, love your blog posts as ever - they always read as though they are a proper story. Two really superb photos in there too, LRP and Stint with that Blackwit, and the comparisons with the Ruff on left, a juvenile Redshank in the middle and an adult Redshank on the right. Juv Redshanks are often mistaken for other species. See you soon, Steve.