Saturday 1 October 2016

Dragonflies, Portland and Seaton Marshes

Having gone far quieter on the Wetlands since the last posting I've been trying my hand at a few dragonflies.

There have been several small coppers on the marshes

and I was amazed to see this one suddenly being attacked by a spider.   

I was delighted to find this wasp spider at Portland as I'd never seen one before  

and also at Portland it was nice to see the Obs Quarry wryneck

Back at Seaton on Colyford Common a whinchat

the buzzard on his favourite wire

one of 2 stonechats on Seaton Marshes yesterday morning

and finally 1 of 2 grey plovers with 2 bar tailed godwits that were present on Black Hole Marsh on late wednesday afternoon


  1. Love the Whinchat Sue.The contrast between the pale tones of the 1stWinter Whinchat and the deep burgundy colour of the Dock makes a nice composition.

  2. That's an interesting collection of shots!