Wednesday 3 September 2014

Curlew sands and another BHM update

The 3 ruffs and the 3 greenshank still remain along with the usual green and common sandpipers, dunlin, ring plovers and a dozen or so lapwing.
The 8 curlew sandpipers from last night had become 6 by the time they returned to BHM from the river about 3.15pm having been absent most of the day.  They were never particularly near but being such beautiful birds still deserve top billing.  The 4 below are with a dunlin.

This turnstone has been present for at least the last 3 days which is quite a rare bird for us here

and a wheatear was showing well on the tramline early in the morning 4 days ago.

The same morning one of the spotted redshanks chose to fly toward the Tower hide and land in the water reasonably close.

Black tailed godwit numbers continue to grow and being such beautiful birds deserve another photo.

My local swallows have had another brood of 4 thus making a total of 9 altogether.  I shall miss them when they are gone they are so entertaining

Some poor pictures now taken of todays marsh harrier that appeared to be being mobbed by godwits and they seemed to give it several attempts.

Lastly 2 of our popular residents.  Predictably one being the kingfisher

 and the second being the often overlooked heron.  I always think they look so ungainly and even a bit evil but here this one looks quite delicate and graceful.  Don't suppose it would if a water vole swam by!

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