Friday 5 September 2014

Little crake and others

These were taken yesterday of the little crake on Black Hole Marsh.  As you can see they are pretty poor photos but it was right at the back of Black Hole Marsh and way too far for my camera really but as it is such a rare bird I thought I'd put them on my blog anyway.  I was lucky enough to have good views yesterday morning thanks to Ian M.  Tim White has the best photo I have seen so far on his blog.  As far as I know it has not been seen again since early this morning.

I was after seeing the little stint today but needless to say it was rather busy in the island hide so was out of luck.  Still here are a few more photos from this week.  One of the 3 ruffs that have been present lately is regularly close by

The one remaining curlew sandpiper

the 3 greenshank

and the water rail near the tower hide.

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