Tuesday 21 October 2014

Grey Phalarope and Kingfishers

It has been a while since my last posting what with a dodgy knee, loss of internet connection for days at a time and the feeling of doom having to live without it (how sad is that!).  Can't believe the affect it had.  Anyway apart from that it has been very quiet locally so today I was tempted to drive to the Otter for the grey phalarope.  Was unable to go until lunchtime and arrival there was no sign of any birders or many other people come to that.  However the bird was easily located on the mud close to the lower path beneath the shingle bank.  The wind was pretty strong; I had a job to hold my camera still and this little guy kept nearly being blown over.

The wind was rather cold so did not stay long by which time there were a few more birders tuning up.
And now for my favourite subject on the Axe with a few of my recent in flight efforts.

Nice sized meal

Oh dear - dropped it!


I wasn't quite tall enough for this one.

or this one

And the final 2 were taken a few weeks back over at Chard

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