Thursday 15 June 2017

Sand Martins Galore

Several hundred sand martins have been coming into feed on Black Hole Marsh during the day over this last week.  There have been a couple of house martins with them but otherwise the rest have all been sand martins.  It has been quite a sight to see so many.

 Both lots of kestrel chicks appear to be doing well and are growing fast now.  Here is one five days ago.

And here is one taken yesterday.  Quite a transformation.

And here's the hard working Mum

The swallows seem to be doing well and posing for cameras

and there are plenty of reed warblers letting their presence be known amongst the reeds.

This young little grebe was on Black Hole Marsh yesterday.  Unfortunately taken into the sun this was the only chance I got as it dived immediately and I couldn't locate it again.

And finally a few more sand martins.  They really have put on a good show.


  1. I've been commuting from Axminster during the week and noticed lots of Sand Martins there too along the Axe. Great, aren't they? A nice interlude twixt bus and train for me!

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